A Recording Studio Can Have a Direct Impact on Your Success

You’ve worked on your tracks and taken them as far as you can and you want to make the next step. So you look around and find what you think is the best recording studio in Sydney, a studio that is a hit machine for other artists. You have spoken to a producer / engineer in Sydney that has a great track record. So you figure you have all the bases covered, right? Wrong.

The three criteria you should use in selecting where to record are: people, sound and facilities. There are lots of recording studios in Sydney as well as dozens of music producers. However, what has worked well for numerous other recording artists may not be suitable for you at all. You should always go with the vibe you get from the people you are working with and the surrounding atmosphere, not necessarily the best equipment list or the cheapest price.

If you are working with people who have as much passion for music as you do, then you will simply end up with better results. If you are in a positive environment which inspires unique ideas and great music, then the tracks you create will shine on a whole other wavelength.

Comfort is Vital to Maintaining Creativity

You are likely to spend hours in the recording studio you choose. Being comfortable with your surroundings is a way to ensure your creative juices keep flowing during those hours.

Find that one recording studio in Sydney that will make you as comfortable as you are in your own bedroom. You want a space where you can express yourself, laugh, cry and really feel into the truth of your song. This is one of the most underrated tips that help ensure your money is well-spent.

Work with People Who Understand How to Listen

As producers and recording engineers, we never let our vision stand in the way of yours. The art is to translate the DNA of your song into beautiful sounding finished tracks. Our ideas are no more valid than yours, the only difference is we know how to make those ideas into sonic realities which touch your audience.

Anyone who opens a conversation by pitching their ideas about what should be done with your music, are not the people you want around during your recording session. Instead, recording and producing your songs should be a collaborative process where we listen to each other, and, most importantly we listen to what the song itself is asking for.

Recording studio people are there to listen first and give professional advice after. They are a sounding board to bounce ideas off and no amount of technical expertise can replace an authentically collaborative approach to making music.

Your Sound is What Defines You

Certain artists are immediately identifiable because of their vocal tone, guitar tone or overall sound (production). Defining your sound is what will define you as an artist. Every producer and studio knows this, but not every studio has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to make use of their equipment and skills to authentically innovate.

Too many recording studios just do what is comfortable for them or try to convince you that their sound is what you are really looking for. Make sure the studio you choose has the equipment, expertise, passion and patience to produce fresh and inspiring music with a bespoke sound.

The Right Studio with the Right People

Bunk Bed Beats is a recording studio in Sydney that has a comfortable working environment and producers who live for music. Working with us will help take your tracks, no matter what the style (as long as it’s real), to the next level.

We offer both hourly and package rates on studio time. If you are shopping around for a recording studio in Sydney, then give us a call. We know how to listen.